The Artist
Joan was born in Chicago, Illinois where
she attended the American Academy of
Art,studying Design,Fashion
Illustration,Watercolor, and Life
Drawing.After marrying a military man
she,along with her husband and four
children,spent twenty years traveling
the world. At each post her studies
expanded to include pastel portraiture,
Sumi painting,sculpture,and wood
carving.She is a member of the Florida
League Women Artists Association and
the Daytona Beach Art League. Joan
also is a teacher of Attitudinal Healing,
a facilitater for A Course in Miracles
and is an Ordained Interfaith Minister.'
My artworks' she states ' are my
ministry'.Published works include
, co- authored by poet and
friend Bonnie Bostram and an audio
tape entitled
The Magical Mystical
,a childrens tape.
From the artist.....
Peace,love and joy are power filled words expressed in different
ways by those of our global family.Seeking within myself for these
experiences has led me to books by many teachers,to
workshops,and personal contacts throughout the world.They have
helped to provide a wealth of inspiration for my work. Positive
images of way showers and role models are what make up my
Kindred Spirits-Brotherhood of Man